AROS meets Linux = AEROS

The main OS for Ares Computers... and the bigger rest of the world
Here you can grab the latest public AEROS build for the Raspberry Pi.

The difference to the „supporter“ Version is that you can’t launch Linux apps from inside AROS.
SO „lx“-command is missing. Also the generally system is at least 2 versions behind the „Plus-Version“.

There is also a Premium Version which can execute i386 binaries on ARM devices.

How to become a „supporter“?

As described on the homepage:

The Raspberry Pi Version is only available for registered users. To get registered you need to qualify yourself with one of the following options:
1. Buy something from or prove that you bought a AresOne from somewhere else
2. USE our sd-card service on ebay
3. Donate at east 15 US € to any AROS related bounty on or prove that you did already.
4. Donate using the paypal button below. (noney is used to cover traffic and the overhead will be collected for AROS ARM related bounties)
5. Or buy a ARES ArmedOne

NOW YOU CAN CODE TO! Download the AROS for ARM cross compiler setup setup for i586

Update November/10/2013
GET IT HERE! MUST BE WRITTEN TO USB-STICK with "dd" or WinImageWriter32 or similar tools.

If you like you can use my service to write it on an 8GB-Stick on ebay
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