AROS meets Linux = AEROS

The main OS for Ares Computers... and the bigger rest of the world
Available for AROS, AEROS, AmigaOS, MorphOS, OSX (PPC and intel), Linux and Windows (Checkout the indieGO!-Appstore)


AmiCloud offers unlimited traffic.. this is meant as service to our users and not as cash cow.
AmiCloud will soon also offer cloud processing and a pool of free VM’s you can access from your AmiCloud enabled Computer

5.5 GB Storage without traffic limitation
Share, backup andy sync files

The PRO version features:
25GB storage
You get also access to AEROS Plus for Pi1/2/3
After 12 month you get access to AEROS Premium for Pi2 and Pi3 as well as 1 free delivery of a SD-card/year.
Also you get all AmiCloud clients for all systems at once (Amiga, PC, Mac)

You can also support us at pattern and get AmiCloud pro and other goodies via Patreon

Interested? Here your can buy the PRO-Offering:
AmiCloud Pro + AEROS subscription (5€/month)

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Download Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8.x) graphical client
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Download MacOSX_intel graphical client
Download MacOSX_ppc graphical client
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Download MorphOS graphical client
Pasted Graphic 3
Download Linux ARMhf graphical client
Download Linux_x86 graphical client
Download Linux PPC graphical client
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Download AmigaOS 4 graphical client
Pasted Graphic 5
Download AmigaOS3.x graphical client
Pasted Graphic 6
Download AROS i386 graphical client

We came from the niche and serve the niche...

More infos can be found on

In case you would like to report problems with AmiCloud please consider using this forum:

If you would like to support us and to buy AmiCloud just download the latest indieGO!-Appstore client

If you buy AmiCloud for one of the target operating systems, you are free to install it on as many computers you like, running the target OS.
After beta-test we will raise the storage capacity and add more features.

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