AROS meets Linux = AEROS

The main OS for Ares Computers... and the bigger rest of the world
PATRONS (last update 2016-09-25):
Pascal Papara yep : ) I donate for myself 5€/month
Jon Robertson
Justin Hill
Adrian Opera
Tien Huu
Markus Fehr
Stefan Janusz
Manfred Kern
Wei-Ju-Wu ( via )

Since i got some help and donations.. and we sold a few AresOne’s and AMC licenses I would like to list here our backers.
Thank you. Also I would like to list here all involved artists, coders, AROS developers, key users and friends.

Stay tuned.. now i am taking a break : D

Many thanks to:

Fabio Falcucci (Developer)
Michal Schulz (Developer)
Olaf Schönweiß (Creator of AROS Vision 68k distribution)
Nikolaos Tomatsidis (Creator of AspireOS and friend)
Oliver Brunner (JanusUAE , Developer)
Paolo Besser (Maintainer and Creator of IcAROS desktop)

Staf Verhaegen (Developer and torrent maker for life)
Matthias "Mazze" Rustler (Developer)
Nick "
Kalamatee" Andrews (Developer)
Neil Cafferkey (Developer)
Krzysztof 'deadwood' Smiechowicz (Developer)
Timothy „terminills“ Deters (Developer and mentalist)
Magnus „Manu“ Ahlvik (2D Artist)
Genesi USA (supporters, donors)
Vesalia Computer - The amiga store (AresOne reseller)
Andre „pixelinho“ Nolte (2D Artist)
Stephen „clusteruk“ Jones (Rock’n’roll star and AROS-evangelist)

If someone doesn’t like to be named on this site, feel free to contact me. Since the persons are already part of the public life (in AROS and Amigaland) I think it is ok.

Big Thank You to the following donors:
Lloyd B (Netherlands)
Eero R (Finland)
Dirk B (Belgium)

Fiona B (UK)
Jorge M L R (Germany)
Daniela B (Germany)

Also a big Thank you to all A-live (X), AMC and AresOne customers

Jan Z (Germany)
Robert T D (UK)
Andreas F (Germany)
Sebastian P (Germany)
Mike .. (USA)
Davy W (NL)
Detlef K (Germany)
Michael L(UK)
Larry C (USA)
Stephan B (Germany)
Benoit C (Belgium)
Danny H (Germany)
Peter H (Germany)
Andreas H (Germany)
Jorge M L R (Germany)
Collin P (UK)
Magnus A(Finland)
Richard B (UK)
Antony L (UK)
Nouvel H (France)
Thomas P (Germany)
Dwayne J (Australia)
Alfredo A (Italy)
Markku H (Finland)
Mikael R (Sweden)
Torgeir V (Norway)
Richard L (UK)

Thomas G (USA)
Fabrizio F (Italy)
Kevin T (USA)
Gianni G (Italy)
Allan C (Australia)
Niko T (Norway)
Martin R (Germany)
Ricardo M (Italy)
Jeffrey F (UK)
Christiano C (Italy)
Mikko S (Finland)
Danny H (Germany)
Stefan K (Germany)
Nigel T R (UK)
Martin C (Germany)
Frederik W
Andreas F (Germany)
Staf V (Belgium)
Tuomas H (Finland)
Roland B (Germany)
+ some tester and Translators

more to come... (i am lazy and i have no access to vesalia’s database ... privacy comes first : ) )
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